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Coffee in Dublin

Dublin merchants doing business in the 17th century first made coffee houses popular here. Not long after, coffee houses became the favourite meeting place for gentlemen to exchange ideas. Look around any Dublin coffee house today and you will see the trends have come full circle. People in business suits tap on their laptops and conduct interviews. Spirited debates and peals of laughter break out with equal frequency.

How are the neighbourhood cafes faring now that fiercely competitive international chains have muscled onto the scene? Very well, it appears. Last year asked their Facebook fans, "Who does the best coffee in Dublin?" The winners:

3FE, The Bald Barista, Chez Max Epicerie, The Art of Coffee, and Brother Hubbard. Butler's Chocolate Cafe, Rhubarb Cafe Deli, and Cafe Tiesan also receive high praise from Dubliners (and visitors too).

Dubliners' opinions on chains: Insomnia - "This establishment is one of the few who have not lost the run of themselves when it comes to value for money," Costa Coffee - "Better than Starbucks," Starbuck's Coffee - "...with all the awesome local coffee houses and chains, why bother?"

—Jo Greene

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Fast Food Dublin Style

From gourmet connoisseurs to ravenous athletes, everyone's taste buds are easily satisfied in Dublin.

Cornucopia RestaurantCornucopia has vegetarian and vegan specialties, and has a complete take-away service for all their menu options.

Many excellent fast food restaurants cater to office workers in Dublin city centre. Pablo Picante, at the corner of Baggot St and Pembroke St., serves a variety of California style burritos, freshly made guacamole, and your choice of mild or spicy sauce. They describe themselves as "very small but perfecto for the nutritious food made speedy."

Eddie Rocket's is the Irish twist on the all-American diner of the 1950s. Four of their 20 Dublin locations  - O’ Connell St, Dame St, South Anne St and Wexford St - are open 24 hours on Fridays & Saturdays! Eddie Rocket's is known for "a mean burger and some excellent fries."

In the mood for some piping hot soup, or a takeaway salad with bread and fruit? Soup Dragon on Capel street offers 12 delicious homemade soup varieties, including shepherd’s pie and spicy vegetable gumbo. A hearty meal can be had for only €5-10, and all takeaway coffees are only €2!

—Andy Kilpatrick

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