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It's Official -- Ireland Is the Best Place in the World To Do Business!

In December, 2013 prestigious Forbes business magazine named Ireland as the "best country for business" in the world. In fact, Ireland was the only country that ranked in the top 15% for every category examined, and close to the very top for personal freedom, property rights, a low tax burden, investor protection, and fighting red tape.

Previously the World Bank and IFC described Ireland as the easiest European country and the 6th easiest country in the world in which to do business and pay business tax.

Here are a few reasons why Ireland is a great place to do business:

  1. According to Enterprise Ireland, Ireland is a "hotbed of entrepreneurship," and the European hub for startup businesses. Businesses that start to trade before 31st December 2014 can apply for a three-year corporation tax exemption
  2. Ireland's 12.5 per cent corporate tax rate is one of the lowest rates in the world
  3. Science and technology businesses can also benefit from a 25% tax credit for Research and Development
  4. The work force is highly educated, young, vibrant, talented, flexible, mobile and plentiful
  5. There are now more than 1,000 overseas companies with offices in Ireland, employing 150,000 Irish workers. Economist Melanie Bowler comments, "Dublin has already established itself as a location for multinationals, so it has the necessary infrastructure for other companies to easily move into the country and set up shop.”
  6. According to BComm blog post author and Chartered Certified Accountant, Peter Roberts, Ireland is positioned as one of the English speaking members of the Euro Zone, with "barrier-free access to over 500 million customers in Europe"


Need another reason to consider doing business in Ireland? How about the less stressful Irish style of business, dedicated to working very hard and still allowing time for family, friends, a cup of tea, or a bit of a chat on the corner.

—Jo Greene

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Phoenix Park

Named after the phoenix atop a 30-foot monument in its centre, Phoenix Park is home to wild deer, geese, 351 species of plants, and 70 species of birds. the 1,750 acre park is alive with history, nature, sports, and community events.

Furry Glen has many short nature walks. Irish sculptor Jerome Connor often visited the 22 acre Gardens.

More than 2,000 recreational and sporting events are held at Phoenix Park every year. National and international athletics competitions including cycling, cross-country, triathlons, duathlons, and motor racing for cars and motorcycles. There are sports grounds for football, soccer, cricket, hurling, and polo. The Great Ireland Run race is held in April.

Historical buffs enjoy seeing the Wellington Monument, as well as a medieval castle dating from the 15th century.

Musical performances are held in the summertime in the Band Hollow.

The Dublin Zoo is also inside Phoenix Park.

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